MY FEATS IN THESE SHOES: A Solely Original Memoir


Edition: Paperback
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"I found my Feats in These Shoes engaging and poignant with a strong call for us all to continue taking giant steps toward who we want to be and what we want to do.”- James Reed , bestselling author and Chairman of REED – Britain's biggest and best-known recruitment brand and the largest family-owned recruitment company in the world.


“The stories in 'My Feats in These Shoes’ sparkle and shine with wit, warmth, and lessons for anyone looking for a place to not just fit in but stand out.” - Courtney Anderson, Founder/CEO SparklBands


“A delightful read, full of imagery and imagination, from a woman who knows how to step up!” - Nanci Bell, Author of “Visualizing and Verbalizing” and Founder of the global education firm, LIndamood-Bell Learning Processes


"You will hop, skip, jump (and giggle) through this irrepressibly exuberant, poignant, and elevating romp!" - Paul G. Stoltz, NY Times bestselling author and Founder and CEO of global research and consulting firm PEAK Learning, Inc.


“This book reminded me of the high heels and low flats I have worn and remember how humor, laughter, love and the right shoes are outstanding accessories in our lives.” - Heather Hutchens, Vice-President, Strategic Planning at John Paul Mitchell Systems


“I have watched her Ted Talks, read her books, and like so many of us, stood in similar shoes trying to gain my footing in life. A testament to life force, believing in yourself and taking giant steps, “My Feats in These Shoes” is indeed solely original.” - Helen Kirwan-Taylor, Journalist, The Guardian, London, artist and  speaker


Publishing date: May 27, 2021

Language: English

Paperback: 192 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-955196-28-4

Dimensions: 6 x 0.47 x 9 inches


Dr. Ronda Beaman is Chief Creative Officer for the global research and solution firm PEAK Learning, Inc. The first recipient of the NEA Art of Teaching Award, Dr. Beaman is a Clinical Professor of Leadership at California Polytechnic University. She was named Fitness Idol in 2018, and her family was selected as America’s Most Creative family by USA Today.

Her national award-winning book, You’re Only Young Twice, has been printed in five languages. Her memoir, Little Miss Merit Badge was an Amazon bestseller and was featured at The Golden Globe Awards. Her children's book, Seal With a Kiss,  improves skills for beginning readers. She doesn’t buy art or jewelry, she buys shoes!





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