1. To sell your book on authorsbookstore.org and obtain all benefits of Authors Bookstore Bookseller you need to subscribe to authorsbookstore.org services and be approved as  an Authors Bookstore Bookseller.

Our subscriptions are:

ONE YEAR:   $61.00

TWO YEARS: $109.80 (10% discount with a two-year subscription)

THREE YEARS: $146.40 (20% discount with a three-year subscription)


2. Once you subscribe, you will receive an email confirming your subscriptions with a link to upload your books. Your subscription allows you to submit a maximum of 12 titles annually. If you desire to submit more titles in the same year, please write to us for a special quote.

Each book has to be uploaded separately into our online form. Please, before the upload, have ready all book info, price, description, blurbs, reviews, author’s bio together with the book cover image of usable quality (72ppi minimum). Not complete submissions will delay your book posting. To submit an eBook or audiobook to be sold through authorsbookstore.org, you are required to upload all relevant files, in order to enable buyers to download them after the purchase. Normally, it takes up to 24 hours for your book to be visible in our store. You will receive via email  a link for your book’s page once it is up. Changes or additions to your book page are possible at any time without any charge. If there is anything that you would want on your book page that can’t be submitted through our book form, please write to us at info@authorsbookstore.org

3. When your book is posted for sale, it will first appear on the front page under NEW ARRIVALS (for a limited time depending on the number of new arrivals) and it will be listed permanently under ALL relevant CATEGORIES, including your name,  for easy search. Depending on the book sales, it may be also included in AUTHORS BOOKSTORE BESTSELLERS, which are updated weekly according to weekly book sales. Also, it may be selected by our staff to be included in STAFF PICKS for additional visibility. 

4. For those authors who desire maximum visibility for their books, we offer two additional PAID posting options TOP SLIDER on the top of the front page (slide show featuring 5 selected titles) and FEATURED BOOKS (listing on the front page featuring 6 titles). To learn more about these and other marketing services authorsbookstore.org offers, click HERE.

5. When your book is sold, we will instantly send you a buyer’s shipping info and you will be obligated to ship the book within 72 hours and send us an email that the book is shipped with a shipping confirmation (receipt). Your shipping cost can’t exceed the shipping cost charged by us at the sale.

6. You are obligated to inform us when the book is out of stock temporarily or permanently! Orders not fulfilled by authors, without a just cause, are refunded to buyers, and your subscription may be canceled.

7. Your book sales earnings (minus 20% taken by authorsbookstore.org), together with the refund of your shipping costs, will be paid to you monthly by a bank check,  30 days after the end of the month in which earnings were made.

8. At any time, you can request a change of the book price or a temporary discount code to be used for promotional sales campaigns. There is no charge for this service.

9. Additional benefits of your subscription:

  • Author’s Interview page on our website (free)
  • Your book giveaway organized on our website for your book (free)
  • Zoom book reading or book launch (one a year) organized for you by authorsbookstore.org (free)
  • 10% discount on all publishing services provided by authorsbookstore.org
  • 10% discount on all your book purchases on authorsbookstore.org


Contact us for more information.