AUTHORS’ BOOKSTORE is an online book marketplace that enables authors to sell their books directly to readers. While it is not a substitute for other sales channels, it is a useful and affordable addition that widens your book's reach and availability, enhances online presence and visibility with strong SEO,  and comes with many benefits to you.

PROFIT MARGIN: Unlike physical bookstores which take up to 55% of the list price and require the right to return unsold copies, and (KDP) which takes 40% of the list price, AUTHORSBOOKSTORE.ORG takes only 20% of the book’s list price.

KNOW THY READER: By selling on  and shipping a copy of your book yourself  directly to a buyer, you obtain their contact information, which enables you to develop and grow your own mailing list for future promotions and offers to readers.

AUTHOR'S SIGNED COPIES: You can sell the author’s signed copies.

ALL BOOK FORMATS: You can sell all formats and editions of your book (paperback, hardcover, eBook, and audiobook) with the possibility of offering reading samples online.

DISCOUNTS AND PROMO CODS: You can offer any type of discounts on your books, at any time, for any length of time, with or without discount promo codes. We don’t charge for these services.

BOOK GIVEAWAYS: We will organize your promotional  book giveaways on at no charge.

ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH & BOOK READING: We will organize for you on a Zoom book launch or book reading at no charge.

NEWS AND EVENTS: You can announce your news and events on

AUTHORS' INTERVIEWS: We will post your author’s interview on at no charge.

All authors selling on have a 10% discount on purchasing books in our online store.

All authors selling on have a 10% discount on publishing services obtained through, which are COVER DESIGN, INTERIOR BOOK FORMATTING, and eBOOK CONVERSION

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