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A Letter from Sicily  is a sweeping family saga that explores immigration in a way that’s both timely and timeless; the dramatic story follows a young orphan who struggles after leaving Sicily for the United States, and his grandson, who, more than one hundred years later, travels to Italy to explore his heritage—and falls in love. The story captures, in cinematic style, all that family life entails: love, loss, yearning, togetherness, and separation, as well as contemplating and remembering one’s roots.

“Christopher Amato tells a captivating story of hope, survival, love and the innate quest to learn about one’s family roots.” – Jacqueline Alio, author of Women of Sicily: Saints, Queens and Rebels and one of Sicily's most talented historians.

“A touching story of a search for roots, and a timely reminder that it was immigrants who built the United States.” -- Mary Taylor Simeti, author of On Persephone's Island: A Sicilian Journal and one of the greatest authorities and writers on Sicilian food.


Publishing date: February 16, 2021

Language: English

Paperback: 314 pages

ISBN: 978-1-954351-34-9

Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches


Christopher Amato is married, a proud father of three sons and grandfather to two intelligent, curious boys. He was born into a large family in Portsmouth, Virginia. His father’s occupation in retail led to various stops along the way for the family of ten. In 1981 he earned a degree with honors in Criminology from Florida State University. Thanks to some nice folks in Roanoke, Virginia, who opened a tough door to pass through, he was able to secure his first job in federal law enforcement. His career as a special agent included assignments in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Norfolk. He worked his way to a senior leadership position and after nearly thirty years, decided to retire. He and his wife began traveling to Italy to test the waters. Falling in love, they made the move full time. The former investigator, curious about his family’s past, began researching the timely and timeless subject of immigration. The effort eventually resulted in the novel A Letter from Sicily. He has written a number of short stories and is currently at work on his second novel. Christopher lives in the beautiful walled city of Lucca, Italy, with his wife and very needy dog. 

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