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In the literary tradition of James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small and John Grogan’s Marley & Me comes Dr. Kipp A. Van Camp’s Always Allie, the story of a strong-willed Bichon Frise with a penchant for mild-mannered mischief and Pupperoni-induced mayhem.Chelsea Alexis Van Camp, or Allie for short, is the alpha dog responsible for upending the Van Camps’ household hierarchy and imparting more than seventeen years of delightful doggy dogma, as chronicled within Always Allie.Weighing in at fifteen pounds, this smiling snowball of fur, well known for her OCD (Obsessive Chewing Disorder) tendencies, love handles, and occasional flatulence problems, unleashes her love upon the Van Camp family as she offers gentle life lessons on loving and living, growing and giving, letting go, and saying goodbye.Share in the humor, pathos, warmth, and love that is Always Allie.

Paperback: 198 pages Publishing date: October 1, 2019 Language: English ISBN-10: 1951214617 ISBN-13: 978-1951214616 Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

Dr. Kipp Van Camp, a physician and medical researcher with numerous papers and articles published in the medical journals and online, is also the author of dozens of short stories and two creative nonfiction books Always Allie (2011), and Misdiagnosis: A Practicing Physician’s Case Study on Healthcare Reform (2012). The Secret of Rocks Hyraxes is his first published novel and the first book in the series of thrillers featuring the adventures of the same main characters.

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