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A family of African immigrants living in Uppsala  is part of a new wave of immigrants coming to Europe and America, from Africa and some parts of Asia. Today, one of the major challenges facing Western Societies, is how to integrate these new groups of people into their societies.

Some people claim that a single major cause, which has been hindering the integration of immigrants  in different Western societies, is the way these immigrant groups choose to practice their culture, and right-wing groups never fail in pointing this out, again and again. On the other hand, through their violent actions, Muslim fundamentalist groups validate this thesis.

In their preoccupation with Muslim fundamentalists, the West has become blind to other groups of immigrants who have internalized societal values that are conducive to integration. The family whose story is narrated in this novel belongs to this category of immigrants. By painting everybody with the same brush, the West has lost some important allies in their quest for fighting extremism. An attempt to shed light on this factor constitutes the major aim of this work. 

Paperback: 514 pages
Publishing date: March 30, 2020
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-952570-17-9
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.2 x 9 inches

Raghe Dulane was born and grew up in Arusha, Tanzania. He lives currently in Uppsala, Sweden. He has traveled widely, worked as a journalist, and had also carried out research work on the politics of identity and its impacts on society in general. Apart from research work, Raghe has done advocacy work on peace, conflict and conflict resolutions. In Sweden, he follows keenly all discussions dealing with the subjects of multiculturalism, religious extremism and discrimination. He holds PhD. from Uppsala University. He is married and has four children.







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