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"One of the pleasures of meeting Andrea Cladis's poems is how they balance a wealth of particulars with a strong feeling for the largest of questions: what am I doing here? This linkage gives her poems both resonance and presence. The poems linger in one's mind because the poet never takes the easy way out. She writes for the crucial reason--to face up to the whole, unruly skein of being." - Baron Wormser, former Poet Laureate of Maine, author multiple Poetry collection & Tom O’Vietman, educator, Poetry scholar

“This beautifully crafted collection of Poetry from Andrea Cladis, portrays the song of Life with the intimacy and a vulnerability of what it means to be human. She captures the authentic voice of worship, connection and love and shares its bounty with the reader to enjoy. With her strong lyrical voice, Andrea has completed the circle of Life and Joy by shining the light of Love through the metaphor of coffee.
This volume of Poetry has been a joy for me to read. Andrea has shone a light on the soul of desire, its desire to return to its source, its love of the body and living in the here and now.” - Tina DeMarco,

“These poems celebrate life's many moments--the daily routine of drinking coffee, a trip to the grocery store, and the existence of family and a beloved matriarch alongside the existence of eyeshadow and falling in love. Andrea Cladis’ lively impassioned voice can comment with equal emotion on a family of opossums trying to survive the night and the existence of cancer, human heartache, and loss. Her unbridled praise of God and His creation is both infectious and full of wonder and wisdom into what it means to be alive." - Karen Osborn, poet, novelist, and author of Centerville, The River Road, and Between Earth & Sky.

“This collection of poems is an enjoyable experience of a wide range of emotions. For those who cherish the written word, Poetry often inspires and impresses, and this collection delivers just that.  However, it moves beyond general poetic impression to depict everyday moments and capture the grandiosity of the mundane.  Delightfully, it allows for the reader’s personal reflection, even while entering into the glimpses of the poet’s life through this work. The sequence of "Even the Fish Needed My Attention" and "Home" was especially powerful.  While each poem is evocative on its own, the power of the two poems together really resonates as the reader is reminded of similar experiences with grief and loss.  The moments of levity and fun like "Holy Art Thou Underwear" and "Green Fellow" have such pure honesty to keep, even Poetry's perceived loftiness, grounded in an enormously endearing way.  Simply, the depth of a poet’s soul--speaking to souls who also cherish the worth of written word--is a beautiful glimpse into a heart that isn't afraid to take time to feel." - Kate Hertz, High School English teacher, instructional coach, scholar of British Literature 

“This book is a meditation on life experienced and life observed. Reading it is
an emotional journey hand crafted by an author skilled in word choice and
informed by a unique level of transparency of thought and emotion.” - Phil Walker, Computer Specialist

Paperback: 154 pages
Publishing date:  February 7, 2019
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1-949180-96-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-949180-96-1
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches


Andrea Cladis, holds an MFA from Fairfield University and is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Elmhurst College with degrees in English Writing, Interdisciplinary Communications, French, and Secondary Education. A former journalist and High School English teacher, she currently works as a freelance editor, writing consultant, and fitness professional. She has worked for Delnor Hospital's Marketing and Public Relations Department, for neighborhood magazines, and as a feature writer for Shaw Media. She has been published by SAGE AcademicThe Greek Star, various literary journals, and online publications including Thought CatalogElite Daily, and She is also the author of Finding the Finish Line: Navigating the Race of Life through Faith & Fitness (CrossLink Publishing, 2017). She has written extensively for online news websites, print magazines, local newspapers, and social media blogs. Known for her local opinion columns, Andrea's writing has been described as “emotive, yet brazen, seasoned with thinly veiled cynicism, and a pinch of sarcasm.” Andrea is an Advisory Board Member for Cambridge Scholars Publishing and maintains a personal site about faith, fitness, and writing which can be explored at




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