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Whether it’s feelings of love, intimacy, or a special closeness, he maintains the feeling that death does not take these with him/her to the grave.  Emotions and feeling outlast the flesh of the human body. Human intimacy draws near an enigmatic spiritual passion which conquers all on the prismatic scale of experience.  When speaking of mythology Donny says, “myths were created to make sense of feelings which are complicated by very nature. They are perhaps more easily understood through persons greater than oneself.  As for theology, a disciplined aspect, incorporates quite finely with passions and secured poetic comforts.

In one of Donny’s poems, he states, “Geese flood northern skies, mushrooms crop a blooming glade, her scent lingers slow.”  Here reads a wonderful example of how Donny incorporates sex and intimacy with nature. In truth he has always felt there is no real difference.   There rests a comfort in nature which clearly exists on the same parallel as sex and sexuality.

Donny lives calmly and mostly to himself as he draws inspiration for Asian poets, such as: Yasano Akiko, Basho, Issa, Tu Fu, and Ryokon.  Finding beautiful contrast as well as condensed, packed, short lines which fulfill the reader takes Donny on a spiritual journey. This, in turn, brings him to a enlightenment of a strong poetic nurture which he strives to duplicate with each poem.

As a general rule, but not always, Donny writes poems no more than a page.  He feels the piece should be found, read, digested, and understood as a single experience.  He also believes the sounds of the words chosen create the images, not the definition of the words.  Therefore, clear images resonate through the palate of the reader. These ideas have the reader enjoying the poem in a more mysterious sense rather than a chore to probe one’s way through.

Donny has written eleven books of Poetry, nine of which were self-published.  He has dozens of poems in journals and magazines, as well as twenty books in libraries ( public and academic ).  He placed in a contest, the Adelaide Voices Literary Award, as top finalist. He has hosted six Poetry readings and two book signings. 

Paperback: 274 pages
Publishing date: December 6, 2018
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949180557
ISBN-13: 978-1949180558
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches



Donny Barilla, a poet covering the realms: human intimacy, nature, mythology, theology, and man’s relationship with death and the departed, has been writing for over three decades.  He writes daily and strives to renew himself as an artist from page to page and body of work to body of work. Very seldom does he take a break from writing as he views it as a full-time job.  He lives a reclusive lifestyle and finds himself clinging close to nature and all her elements. His home state of Pennsylvania strikes chords of poetic depth about him as he finds loveliness from cornfield to meadow. 

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