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HOLOGLYPHS is a neologism, fused from the terms ‘whole’ and ‘image’, and describes a poetic style reminiscent of works from T’ang dynasty China, as both literary directions are in-part, image-based. However, unlike T’ang period pieces, the works in this volume are more centered in imagistic archetypes – aspiring to Ezra Pound’s vision of the “Luminous detail”.

These poems are meditative and quiet, yet in similar fashion to descriptions of Harold Budd’s ethereal music, they also possess a thin veneer of serenity that masks darker currents behinds silhouettes of the passing day. Perhaps a more accurate summation of the essence of these pieces would be captured by the Japanese term “Yuugen” [??] – roughly translated as ‘mystery in beauty’.

Yeatts says: “…Poetry must reverberate with the eternal and stand as meditations on what it means to be briefly alive, delivering a distillation and re-animation of transcendent experience, woven of mystery, beauty and the eternal moment…”

This introductory selection of Yeatts’ work presents a unified current that paints patinas of the day’s impermanence, yet never loses touch of the ‘whole image’ contained within the moment’s timeless light.


Praise for HOLOGLYPHS – Twilight Fields:

"A marvelous collection of soothing, moving and inspiring works; writings which lead the reader to a place of calm and reflection. Those who genuinely appreciate poetry will be very pleased by this already much celebrated book."– Leon A. Walker, Next Generation Indie Book Awards Judge


"Come. Be the guest. Join this artist/poet/traveler on his journey into places you may never visit except by his invitation: Kasha-Katuwe, Sorrel River, Moustier-Sainte-Marie, Chilpancingo, fragments of summer—images held outside of time. A moment of memories, dreams, love and connections–whole images that burn, casting a light beyond the daily horizon, “while the color yet remains.”– James McGrath: Author of seven books of poetry including At The Edgelessness Of Light, The Sun Is A Wandering Hunter, and Speaking With Magpies.


HOLOGLYPHS – Twilight Fields has won multiple literary awards:

  • Independent Press Award
  • Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • The Big New York Book Award as the Distinguished Favorite
  • Winner of the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Poetry


Publisher: Kelsay Books (October 1, 2016)

Language: English

Hardcover: 112 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1945752087


Stan K. Yeatts writes under the monogram - S. K. Yeatts and holds a BA in English Literature from Baylor University in Texas. He formerly served as the Executive Director for a Fortune 50 Company leading UX design teams and software development. He now works full time on art and literary projects and lives with his wife Janette in the Sangre de Cristo mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico – US.

Yeatts is both a poet and a visual artist. His initial collection of poetry – “HOLOGLYPHS – Twilight Fields” was published by Kelsay Books in 2016 and won the Independent Press Award, the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, the Big New York Book Award ‘Distinguished Favorite’ selection and was the winner of the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Poetry. His Second collection - "HOLOGLYPHS II - Afterlight" will be released in September 2021 by Adelaide Books Publishing House, New York.

His literary work has drawn comparisons to T. S. Eliot, Po Chü-I, Robert Bly, James Wright, and Friedrich Hölderlin, as his poetry emerges at the intersection of elegance, wildness, tradition, and experimentation.

Yeatts’ poetic direction aligns with the term - ‘Hologlyph’. Hologlyph is a neologism, fused from the terms ‘whole’ and ‘image’, and describes a poetic style centered in imagistic archetypes – aspiring to Ezra Pound’s vision of the “Luminous detail”.

Akin to his poetry, Yeatts’ visual art focuses on extracting the archetypal nature of an image by working in a unique blend of photography and graphics he refers to as "Post-Photographic Impressionism". His work spans the polarities of designing album covers for US & European musicians to creating large-format panoramas for residential and commercial installations. Yeatts has exhibited his pieces in international juried photographic shows in North America and Western Europe, including an invitation to show at the recent 4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography Expose’ in Berlin Germany.

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