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"The day I officially became homeless was several days before President Trump met Kim Jun Un. I knew that Trump was trying to make relationships with North Korea and the United States amenable, but I secretly prayed that North Korea would unleash a ballistic missile on Reeder Track, the awful meth ridden, pot head neighborhood where the dogs and I had resided for over two years in a blue colored mobile home. I owned six dogs. Bragi, Homer and Plato are pitbulls. Athena is a dobie/pitbull/hound mix who was dumped in a field near my house. She loves to pirouette like a ballerina. Peron, who lived up to his name, is a Chihuahua mix. Evita is a dachshund mix. I wanted Un to give the orders for the missile to hit Reeder Track after my six dogs and I safely left the neighborhood. But then I realized that a nuclear blast would be catastrophic, extending at least 100 miles past Reeder Track. Needless to say, the major loss of life would be tragic. Plus my canines would become radioactive pets. So that was not a good idea.

On that fateful Saturday, around 12:30 pm, the landlady’s handyman, Aidan, a tall white haired man with whisky breath and a Cockney accent waited for us to leave by the gate of what used to be my house. He was armed with new locks to replace the old ones. He also waited for the sheriffs, and animal control to arrive, or so he said when he had called me from his cell phone right before he arrived. I suspected that he had mentioned the sheriffs and animal control so that he could scare the shit out of me, so that he could get rid of me faster. I had prolonged my stay in that house for as long as I could. What do you do when you and your dogs have nowhere to go?"

Paperback: 140 pages Publishing date: January 16, 2020 Language: English ISBN-10: ISBN-13: 978-1-951896-33-1 Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches

Sevasti Iyama has written for Cycles of Change Recovery Services, RehabReviews.com, the Antelope Valley Press and the Kern Valley Sun. She’s also the co-author of How I got Sober, 10 Alcoholics and Addicts Tell their Personal Stories . Presently, she is working on a novel called, The Pomegranate Cowboy , which is loosely based on the myth of Persephone and Hades. She is pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Sevasti is from the Bronx, and Los Angeles. She lives in the small town of Lake Isabella, California but being a city girl at heart, she plans to go back to New York City, in the not too distant future.

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