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“How could she wash herself of the blood and the semen? How could she cleanse herself of the betrayal? Would the memories of being raped and sodomized ever leave her mind or would they always be entrapped in her subconscious to present themselves in nightmares? Yes, the physical pain would eventually go away, but the mental anguish would never disappear. She knew that for a fact, and she shuddered at what her life would now become. She knew she was to blame for what had happened because she had been so stupid—so, so stupid to allow herself to trust those who should be trustworthy but weren’t. All her life she had trusted so readily, so easily, and consistently she had been hurt and disappointed. She thought that something must be wrong with her to never learn from the painful lessons that had steadily followed her from early childhood, but she was an optimist and her heart went out to others too easily. “

Paperback: 182 pages
Publishing date: February 7, 2018
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949180018
ISBN-13: 978-1949180015
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches

Helen Nickolson was born in Kato Kourouni, a small village in Evia, Greece, which had neither water nor electricity at that time. Sponsored by her aunt and uncle to emigrate to the United States when she was five, she journeyed across the rough Atlantic Ocean in December on an Italian ship. From New York, she then travelled by bus to Lodi, California and arrived on Christmas Eve. Her name in Greek is Eleni Nikolaou and was changed by her uncle to “better assimilate” into American society. He meant well. After high school, Helen attended the University of California at Davis where she majored in English. She went on to graduate school at California State University, Sacramento and received her MS in Counseling Psychology and MA in English. Helen worked as a counselor and also taught English and Psychology at Yuba Community College for 30 years before retiring. She has been married for 35 years to Larry Michel, and Katherine is their only child.








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