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476 CE. Nearly seventy years have passed since Rome abandoned Britain and war with the Saxons began. Mons Badonicus is under siege by the warlord Oesc of Kent while Arthur’s cavalry holds the high ground. After a fortnight of stalemate, a heavy mist rolls into the valley in the early morning hours and blankets the Saxon camp. The chance has come for Arthur to end three generations of war and turn his isle of woes into a light for the world, a Camelot to be dreamed of by generations to come.Modern Day. For fifteen centuries, the Clan Camulodunum has kept Arthur’s bloodline from ending in hopes of one day bringing a new Camelot to the world, a Novum Orbis Regium. William “Mac” MacCrarey, Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, has called for a Charter Amendment Conference where he plans to shift the power monopoly of the Security Council to the General Assembly, and announce his candidacy for Secretary-General. By empowering the General Assembly and becoming the leader of the UN, Mac hopes to create a foundation for the first world-wide democracy that can serve as a light of hope for everyone.

Paperback: 382 pages

Publishing date: May 1, 2019
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1950437434
ISBN-13: 978-1950437436
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9 inches

W. A. Holdsworth lives in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan, Oakland University, and Michigan State University, earning an engineering degree and an MBA. He’s worked as a business and government consultant, and now serves as a Director for one of the largest counties in the U.S. An avid reader of adventure Novels, he didn’t begin writing until his late thirties while working and raising a family. A fan of the Arthurian legend, he wanted to bring the story of Arthur and Camelot into the modern world with a series of Novels that are both exciting and meaningful. The result was Traverse, and its sequel Novum Orbis Regium. He is now writing the next book in the trilogy.


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