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Young Archie Bingham, the son of Sir Archibald Bingham, an eminent British barrister, discovers that his father is keeping a mistress and he’s horrified. Bingham’s life soon becomes motivated by a passion for revenge against his father, which leads to his own downfall. His destructive behavior necessitates him emigrating from England, where he practiced law, to America. There, in time, he becomes a New York Assistant District Attorney. 

When Bingham tries to blackmail Joseph Bocacci, a businessman with past ties to the mob, Bocacci enlists his adopted grandson, Frankie Leeman, an American lawyer, to investigate him. Leeman travels to London where he learns about Bingham’s catastrophic time at Cambridge University, his shocking behavior as an articled clerk, rumors of gambling and embezzlement, and his connection to the unsolved murder of an underage, pregnant, waitress.

During the investigation, Leeman explores London and he’s introduced to a painter named Cynthia. Leeman suspects his heart will eventually be broken, but he enters into a torrid love affair with Cynthia and they visit Italy. There, Leeman comes to learn about his own mysterious roots, and Joseph Bocacci’s connection to the murder of his parents. Leeman uncovers a series of seductions, betrayals, and lies that culminate in a shocking conclusion.

Paperback: 444 pages
Publishing date: April 1, 2019
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1-950437-40-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-950437-40-5
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9 inches

Rita Baker is a Canadian writer with a British background. She was married to a British lawyer and have two wonderful sons.
Rita was raised by an unorthodox, free-thinking, grandparents from whose example she experienced the liberty of an all-embracing open mind.
Rita finished college in England and won prizes for writing speeches, as well for their delivery. Despite her many credentials, this is what she is most proud of.
Her passion is the novel. She loves bringing to life strong characters together with vivid descriptions of unusual people and places she has come to know, coupling them with meaningful dialogue.
Rita grew up reading writers such as Maugham, Wilde, Dickens, Austen, and Bronte. Today she enjoys authors whose work depicts the times we live in, be they of a legal profession, mystery or a good, strong, unusual love story that tears at your heartstrings.



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