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”The secret is out: Tom Glenn has done it again, using creative, page-turning fiction to hold a mirror up to the hard realities of modern life. In Secretocracy, Gene Westmoreland is a government insider persecuted by the current administration, then vindicated by the mid-term Congress—and on a mission to expose the rotten underbelly of government leadership and illegal activities at the highest levels. Political and emotional, Secretocracy packs a punch.”—Eric D. Goodman, author of Setting the Family Free and The Color of Jadeite

The story is set in Washington, D.C. in 2018, during the Trump administration. Senior federal budget reviewer Gene Westmoreland refuses to approve funds for an administration initiative called Operation Firefang—building clandestine nuclear missile sites world-wide—on the grounds that it is illegal and violates treaty agreements. The administration attacks him. A general and a senator rebuke him, his phone is tapped, his car is tailed, and his adult son is trapped into a dangerous relationship. His boss, Clem, who opposes Firefang and refuses to fire Gene, is blackmailed and commits suicide. Now without protection, Gene is stripped of his security clearances and exiled to a warehouse to await termination. If he discloses what he knows, he will be prosecuted for revealing classified information.

Paperback: 374 pages
Publishing date: March 29, 2020
Language: English
ISBN-13: 1951896963
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches

Tom Glenn has worked as an intelligence operative, a musician, a linguist (seven languages), a cryptologist, a government executive, a caregiver for the dying, a leadership coach, and, always, a writer. His first four Novels resulted from the thirteen years he shuttled between the U.S. and Vietnam on clandestine combat support missions. His 2017 novel, Last of the Annamese, is set during the fall of Saigon which he survived, escaping under fire after the North Vietnamese were already in the streets. In March 2020, Adelaide Books published his latest novel, Secretocracy, a political thriller set during the Trump administration.






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