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Once, long ago, my name, ‘The Young Boy of the Woods’ would answer so many questions. I spent my childhood, my time and my life growing up in and discovering the wilderness, every inch and every particle. I had a love of the bud, sprouting on the sweet, tender trees which blossomed every Spring. The smack of the gushing Summer rains caressed me and everything which softened upon the wild rains. As the leaves fell and swooned upon the Autumn floor, my full body, limbs and spinning head rested and slept upon the October nest which tossed every element of aroma and musky fragrance. I gently carved my way upon the white snow beds and ices of Winter’s wrath. From here I deserted the trimmings of the woods and tucked for a long rest in the safety of my thick wooden cabin.


Publishing date: January 29, 2021

Language: English

Paperback: 102 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-954351-43-1

Dimensions: 6 x 0,3 x 9 inches


Donny Barilla, living in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, devotes his evenings and nights to writing poetry. He published over seventy poems in magazines and literary journals. He has twenty-three books in libraries, both academic and public. He hosts readings and signings on a frequent basis. Coming in first place of the Adelaide Literary Award for poetry, two thousand and eighteen, many of his pursuits have come in the direction of charities for children in need. Donny released his first two books, ‘Treasures’ and ‘Dance Upon the Forest Floor.’ Numerous more rest on the horizon as Donny writes daily constantly trying to improve upon his craft. With nature standing as his backdrop for his poems, Donny pulls on the heartstrings of his messages and stays as a disciplined artist.

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