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Lonely, despondent, and hopeless, Andrea, a junior in high school, is determined to become perfect. She sets out to master the scale, to smite her mother, and to bury depression in what becomes an all-consuming, life-threatening eating disorder. When her physician-father is unable to heal her as she hovers at 70 pounds and below, has manipulated all forms of counseling, has lost all friendships, and is terrified of ingesting the calories of food, her Greek family continues to rally around her, despite her caustic attitude towards them. When she stares death in the face during a hot summer run with purpose to destroy calories, she encounters God and it is her renewed faith in Christ – her hope in His will for her life - that enables her to slowly overcome her self-inflicted trauma and to embark on a journey towards health, wellness, and living not for the desires of self, but for the contentment of others.

Set in the Western suburbs of Chicago, Tatsimou, Hold On is a retrospective memoir chronicling the psychological distortion of anorexia and its destructive wide-ranging effects on family relationships, personal growth, and spirituality. An obsession with control, family tension, resistance to cultural norms, grief, and unexpected triumph are predominant themes throughout this memoir. Told in a linear fashion with moments of flashback and foreshadowing to reveal character growth, it is a generative memoir with dynamic characters, a tangible setting, and the pulsing belief that through faith, fitness, and prayer, hope can remain in the cracking fissures of the human heart.

Paperback: 306 pages Publishing date: July 31, 2018 Language: English ISBN-10: 1949180077 ISBN-13: 978-1949180077 Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches

Andrea Cladis, holds an MFA from Fairfield University and is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Elmhurst College with degrees in English Writing, Interdisciplinary Communications, French, and Secondary Education. A former journalist and High School English teacher, she currently works as a freelance editor, writing consultant, and fitness professional. She has worked for Delnor Hospital's Marketing and Public Relations Department, for neighborhood magazines, and as a feature writer for Shaw Media. She has been published by SAGE Academic, The Greek Star, various literary journals, and online publications including Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, and Patch.com. She is also the author of Finding the Finish Line: Navigating the Race of Life through Faith & Fitness (CrossLink Publishing, 2017). She has written extensively for online news websites, print magazines, local newspapers, and social media blogs. Known for her local opinion columns, Andrea's writing has been described as “emotive, yet brazen, seasoned with thinly veiled cynicism, and a pinch of sarcasm.” Andrea is an Advisory Board Member for Cambridge Scholars Publishing and maintains a personal site about faith, fitness, and writing which can be explored at www.andreacladis.com.

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