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When an undercover CIA operative is killed in a hit-and-run accident in Bavaria, her daughter, Ashley, and her husband, Matt, a decorated Desert Storm vet, are distraught -- and suspicious. With the help of family friends and FBI agent Kareem Khan, Matt and Ashley fly to the Alps to find out what happened… and get justice. What they don't realize is that six powerful and wealthy men from the U.S. and Europe — a Secret Cabal including the VP of the U.S. — are standing in their way. The fanatical crusaders plan to subjugate the populace, create a new world order, and make an ungodly amount of money.


Publishing date: May 29, 2021

Language: English

Paperback: 268 pages

ISBN-10: 1955196214

ISBN-13: 978-1955196215

Dimensions: 6 x 0.67 x 9 inches


George Mathew was born in India. He majored in English Language & Literature with American literature as an additional option. His first book Murder in Heaven was published by Locksley Hall Publishing, New Delhi. The Last Crusade is his second book. He is now working on his third book, Death in the Jungle, about the murder of an environmental activist in Honduras. George lives in Kenya and is married to Anita and has three children, Reggie, Samantha, and Richie.

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