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Autobiographical underpinnings launched this novel. Like the author, protagonist Darby Cooper is the daughter of a Holocaust escapee who passes through New Orleans during World War II and meets a rich Jewish girl. Bernie is a traditional Jew; Letty is from a snobbish, assimilated family. So her parents see Bernie as "too Jewish," and the struggles as they marry and rear Darby form the core of this novel. What happens to Bernie is not what happened to Friedmann's father, thank goodness.



New Orleans author Patty Friedmann has written a dozen literary books distinguished by her darkly comic voice. Her novels include the award-winning Secondhand Smoke, bestselling Too Jewish, and such well-reviewed works as Eleanor Rushing, Odds, and An Organized Panic. She also has published a humor book, Too Smart to Be Rich, and a short story collection, Where Do They All Come From? She has had essays or reviews in Newsweek, Publishers Weekly, and Oxford American.



"Walker Percy once wrote that 'the next Southern literary revival will be led by a Jewish mother, which is to say, a shrewd self-possessed woman with a sharp eye and a cunning retentive mind who sees the small triumphs and tragedies around her and has her own secret method of rendering it, with an art all her own.’ And that is totally Patty Friedmann.” -Anne Gisleson, Signposts in a Strange Land


Top 10 Best Jewish Fiction Books: Boomer Book Series

“...maybe the greatest New Orleans author of the past 1/4 century." -Failed Messiah

“A powerful and emotional story of a Jewish family here in America.” -Life in Review

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