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“In Columbus” takes the reader through an out-of-synch, or un-chronological journey through Timmy’s childhood. The small sections are like vignettes on their own and when put together they create a miasma of human consternation. “Planes" takes the reader along with pilot Davis Parker as he, while navigating through planes of thought, redefines fatherhood. He, too, is contending with the possibility of enlightening his adopted daughter, Lillian “Bird" Parker. “The Beauty in Bereavement” takes the reader along with Judy Tremont as she, following the recent loss of her husband, apprehends the beauty in bereavement. Judy Tremont is an aging woman in a world which is quite changed. The recollections of her husband, Augustus Tremont, and of her son, Franklin Tremont, intermittent and entwined in the narration with dreams she has been having since her husband's death provokes thoughts pertaining to turn of the century philosophy, turn of the century familial dynamics, and music. "Equal Men" takes the reader along with protagonist Richard Louis on a defining day in his life—the day he retires and the day his son, in his eyes, atolls.

Paperback: 190 pages Publishing date: October 6, 2017 Language: English ISBN-10: 099951640X ISBN-13: 978-0999516409 Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

Anders M. Svenning was born in New York. He started writing with seriousness at the age of nineteen and has now been published in many literary magazines throughout the United States and abroad. Some of the most recent include Dark Gothic Magazine, Adelaide Literary Magazine, and Degenerate Literature. He is the author of Nonpareil (Tule Fog Press), 50 States Poetry (Pansophic Press), and has a collection of short stories forthcoming, titled Verdant Grounds, Subtle Boundaries (Adelaide Books). The Phrenologist (Wapshott Press), a novella, is also forthcoming piece by Anders M. Svenning. Anders M. Svenning lives in Palm City, Florida.

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